Solar Protection Relay Injection Testing

We use Omicron and Doble test sets to inject your ComAp, ABB, or Woodward solar anti islanding protection relay, and provide you with a full compliance report for submission to SAPN.  Testing takes only a couple of hours per relay.

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SAPN Commissioning Assistance

It is a common to have SAPN commissioning officers attend your site to put it through its paces prior to connection.  We are available to provide confidence and support on the day of SAPN commissioning to ensure that the day progresses smoothly and that your connection approval is successful.

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Power Quality Testing

SAPN have high demands on power quality of all medium and large generation systems.  Our team utilise advanced high speed data acquisition tools and power quality analysers to verify and prove that your connected equipment meets the system requirements.

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Proudly providing specialist Electrical Engineering and Technical Officer Services to all areas of the Power Generation Sector

Generator Compliance Pty Ltd’s engineers and technicians have been working in the power generation sector for over two decades, from remote diesel generation systems, wind farm projects, solar farm projects, inverter connected systems and full scale power station generators.  Our engineers and technicians have a passion for ensuring that systems are designed and commissioned fully to the required codes and standards, and that they work first time every time.  Our people are also specialists at fault finding and solving the problems that no one else can.


Our team are experts in protection relay testing and have been performing high tech relay injection testing for decades throughout the power generation sector.  We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge of utility scale protection engineering to the flourishing solar connection industry.  We use a range of specialist injection testing equipment to carry out testing for your system using streamlined and cost effective techniques.  This means that you can have confidence that your relays will be compliant when you need them to be, ensuring compliance for your SAPN commissioning process.

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Our team are skilled in protection relay and control system testing and bring this experience to the commissioning and maintenance of wind farms.  We can assist with commissioning a new wind farm, fault finding a problem in your existing turbine or protection system, or even provide routine compliance testing and reporting for your ongoing connection agreement requirements.

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